June 9 to 14, 2024.

No-Code Week

📍 Cologne, Germany

Meet the no-coders, creators and visionaries behind the no-code movement.

What is the No-Code Week

Join us for a week of exciting talks, workshops and meetings for the No-Code enthusiasts.


Spend a week in the lively city of Cologne with fellow no-coders. A great opportunity to make connections and be part of the movement.


Every night, you will have a chance to attend an event with 3 talks of carefully selected speakers. Get inspired, learn and ask questions everyday.

Parties and drinks

The No-Code Week is also about having fun and meeting in more casual settings. We will guide you through Cologne's exciting bars and coffee shops.


We have set up a space for all the participants of the No-Code Week who will be working remotely. And also some workshops and activities.

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Our last edition - Barcelona 2023

Last year, the first No-Code Week took place in Barcelona. A fantastic event that was the first of a long series hopefully.

50 participants

For a first event, we managed to have 50 people joining us from France, Spain and various places in Europe.

10 conferences

During each event we had at least one or two talks. We got fascinating insights from No-Code publishers and inspiring stories from the community.

12 sponsors

Each event was organized and sponsored by premium No-Code brands. Many will be back this year!

A strong community

Over the week, the participants bonded during the events but also outside. Strong connections were made and some great projects were even born in Barcelona.

Program of the week this year

Each day will have a theme for the talks and workshops

Sunday : opening party

On Sunday, we'll take things slowly and welcome you at the event. You will be able to register your arrival during the day and in the evening, we'll all meet at the opening party. This will be the chance to meet and connect with the other attendees.

Monday : No-Code & Apps

For the second day, we will focus, on one of the main aspect of No-Code : building apps and applications. We'll dive into the best tools for that and share inspiring success stories.

Tuesday : No-Code & Ops

Operations, or Ops, are the other main aspect of No-Code tools usage. Become more productive thanks to automation and build powerfull internal apps. A day that will definitely help you work better and who knows, maybe less.

Wednesday : No-Code & Design

Design are an important part of every no-code project. Whether it's UX best practices or Design thinking for ideation, it's often overlooked by no-coders while it can make a big difference. Even UI tips and tricks can help a lot when building.

Thursday : No-Code & AI

It's 2024, of course, we will talk about AI. We'll even keep it for the last day to make sure you're fully prepared.

And to celebrate the end of the week, we'll finish the event with our "Closing Party".

Inspired to be a speaker?

Those topics sound interesting, you'd like to suggest a talk. Please do! We have a form ready for you and we'll be back in touch shortly to see if we can make it happen. Having great talks is a very important part of the No-Code Week!

The team

Meet the passionate people behind the No-Code Week 2024 in Cologne

Amandine Dugrain
Stanislas Verjus

Our local partner:

We are very happy to work with Visual Makers to organize this edition of The No-Code Week. They are one of the leading no-code ecosystem in Europe and we consider them pioneers of the no-code movement just like us.

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